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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Some influences...

These are some artists I looked into, they influenced my line, and perspective for my animation. Colour was not much of an issue but added yellow for the background as it goes well with black and white, and I get that offsetting effect like you get in screen printing.

John Dilworth - I liked his characters and line work.
Paul Driesen - Concepts, idead, humor, line and colour.
Greg Holfeld - Characters, line, colour
Bill Plympton - Basically everything about this guy, style, colour, concepts, humor etc.
Raimund Krumme - His line work and concepts.
Low Morale - They made Radiohead's Creep music clip.
Hanna & Barbera - for their sound fx.
Pink Panther - For the simplicity of the characters and backgrounds - you stay focused on the characters - the story - and don't really pay attention to the background which is just there to give the general idea with not too much detail.

I also looked into movies of the Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin, they were very helpful for the directing and cinematography of my film. Still working on my camera experimentation.

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