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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Character K

Possible Style that I will follow, still experimenting but I really like this one. This is also one of my characters.. still in development but you get the picture.

Monday, 11 October 2010

3rd Year Animation

Right, so I got 1 single massive project to do this year, and since it's my final year I should really give it my best. I was thinking of making a 3-D short this year, in order to put me through learning Maya, but it's quite risky as I haven't ever touched Maya before. So I decided to do it 2D digital, and learn Maya on the side.

The idea: 3 guys comparing and showing off to each other. Sounds simple... but it's not. Basic concept is that people like to show off, at least where I'm from (Cyprus), but its not that different I guess abroad. Must be human nature or something. So these 3 guys start comparing their possessions, and as they talk and talk and talk, towers of objects keep stacking up behind them, which eventually collapse onto them....and they die.......... But as their naked spirits rise to the sky, and see beneath them what they are leaving behind, they got nothing left to.. oh wait... their naked.. THEY STILL GOT ONE THING TO COMPARE!

Possible title is: Man cannot live on bread alone. Taken a bit ironic as this phrase means to say that he needs spiritual food too.. but bread alone? no way! we need a lot more than that.

2nd Year Animation Module

This was done last semester, for my animation module. The idea was to experiment with line, colour and synchronise everything with the music. Soundtrack by Manolis Manoli (Manix). Thank you dude!

The basic concept of this is the man, representing anything inspiring and life-giving, passes through this old, dull street and injecting life for a while.

Man Made (Stop-motion)

Something Niki and I did over the summer, inspired by the frequent forest fires.